"Lets work together to bring excitement to the Motorsports Aftermarket. "

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We are repeatedly told that the only marketing is online. 

We also know that pay per click is a ridiculous solution.

Companies literally need a multitude of full time employees working on google analytics as well as handling there social media.  Its some time exhausting and overwhelming, and ridiculously expensive .

The scary part is once you give in and stop marketing to consumers in real life you are then at the mercy of the internet jungle. Yes you can pay per click and pay per click and generate traffic, but it never seems like it generates the business you deserve.  

A little story behind Motorsports Marketing LLC and why we are so concerned with helping your business. We have been working with web design and Motorsports companies for over 15 years and have seen a lot of changes in how to advertise and market. The most recent trend is ad=advertisement companies will tell you they can generate traffic to your business and it will appear they do. By using common internet and social media trickery they perform stuff like share for share and like for like. these are things you should run away from. It only brings fraud to your business or brand. 

At Motorsports Marketing LLC, we help you actually grow your business. Not by fictitious numbers placed to trick you into believing you are stimulating growth, however by generating in store traffic and direct sales. 

A little old fashion and new style. By working solely in the Automotive & Motorcycle aftermarket, we know the industry trends and work to keep it exciting and fresh. 

Here is what working with us will do.

Bring customers to your doors by promoting with or for  you at shows and events.

Bring "actual" automotive enthusiast and customers traffic to your website and social media accounts.

How do I advertise with Motorsports Marketing ?

It's simple shoot us and email and we will lay out some advertisement options. We work with all budgets. 

What exactly are we doing together?

Ok, this is the best part. We have FUN!

Think of Stryker Hot Rod as an extension of your business or brand.  We are able to build insane rides while promoting your products, brand or company. 

What are my options?

Well this is the best part, product placement , banner ads, interactive cross promotions. The sky is the limit.

We want to work together with you to learn and grow.

Think about it, its the best of both worlds.

1) We entertain via the internet.This generates a loyal fan base. 

2) We then cross promote your brand or company by sending links direct to your website and social media.

3) Posting videos and articles and affiliate links on multiple high traffic websites will generate actual back links to your website.(therefore organically increasing your rankings on Google. )

4) Your name or brand associated with  high end vehicle builds will generate immediate traffic. Your name will be associated with the build while its on tour, on shows and more. 

5) Working locally, together we can stay on top of the promotions as well as make critical decisions. 


The Wheel Of Misfortune

Be a part of the next build & Promo

1969 AMX Pro Touring


Full Build

Your Brand associated with a 500k Muscle car. High end Pro Touring Monster.

1941 Chevy Truck



Be a part of this totally cool build of a slammed 1941 Chevy Truck. 

1968 Mustang



Metal fabrication. New from clip and soft assembly. 

1996 Cadillac




1989 Mustang



1963 Chevy C10



What are our capabilities

A marketing company teamed up with a High End shop..

For over 20 Years Stryker has been working with companies at a wholesale level fulfilling many automotive and motorcycle needs, Some of the services listed below , your brand can utilize as a sponsor, advertiser, products placement partner. 

Sheet Metal fabrication

Chassis fabrication

Suspension installation & Fabrication 

Auto Body Paint

Composite Fabrication

Interior upholstery



Stryker employees are industry Influencers. After over 2 decades in the automotive aftermarket we have made some friends. Both professionals and hobbyist, our work is respected and our opinions trusted.

What is and industry influence? 

An industry trusted personality.Fans and potential customer that follow our team members personally, are heavily influenced by the parts, products an materials they use and recommend. 



1968 Camaro



Metal fabrication. New from clip and soft assembly. 

1967 Camaro



Final Assembly & interior

1971 Camaro



Paint , Body and final assembly

1969 Camaro



Paint & Body

1971 Ford F 350


Small project.

Paint , Body Final assembly

2001 Duramax



Paint Body , mechanical final assembly 

Pricing options


The ever changing value of advertising.

All pricing is per individual proposals however we feel its important to have some idea of pricing options. For actual pricing please contact us as we work with any budget. Try us out and you will understand the value of working with Motorsports Marketing Group LLC.

Wheel Of Misfortune

The Wheel Of Misfortune is free to prize contributors.  Announcements are in order as contributions arrive. Each company will receive a fun and positive shot out. 

If you are interested in being a major sponsor of a weekly episode we have many price options. Major sponsors pricing starts at 500.00. If you choose to pay more we will give you more. 

Stryker Hot Rod entertainment

We will be shooting a video segment for Stryker Hot Rod. This is a purely entertainment marketing plan that is meant to help Automotive based business's grow while encouraging people to be a part of the automotive aftermarket. By utalizing high end high quality vehicle building, companies are able to market there products and or company through product placement, brand recognition, tech how two's and more.  The premise of Stryker Hot Rod is a small shop located in the country that builds cool rides the right way, using the right parts and materials. Once full builds are completed they will go on tour through out the US.  Prices options may go as followed. As the videos grow CPM the prices will grow as well. Currently as this is a new promo its the perfect time to jump aboard for extremely affordable advertising. 

Product placement is based of the retail price of items contributed towards the show or actual vehicle builds. Tools, parts, product or equipment placement will be mentioned periodically and filmed on weekly episodes..

Payed advertisers will receive  a detailed list of value per contract. Current prices are based of current CPM and will change.

Minor sponsor per video 1000.00 each

Major sponsor 2500.00 per video 

A video dedicated to your business or brand.

Please inquire about pricing. This scenario would play out as follows. Vdeo starts out with Stryker performing a specific task that will involve your company or brand. We will go to your location and film the process or if internet based company fil;m the process of working with you. Then the episode will focus on your product as well as end with the completion.

These videos start out at 3500.00 

An added extra.

All paid sponsors or advertisers will receive periodic spots on social media and web pages with links to your websites and social media of choice.