"Lets work together to bring excitement to the Motorsports Aftermarket. "

The Wheel Of Misfortune

The Wheel Of Misfortune

Stryker Hot Rod's " Wheel Of Misfortune" Is an inexpensive, practically free , fun and creative way to market your company or brand. 

Products donations are excepted in order as they arrive. Each company will receive a pleasant and fun shout out.  

Product contributions can range from apparel, gift certificates or actual products. If products are specific to a market or target audience then we suggest paying for a larger advertisement spot. This will allow us to dedicate a segment to your company or brand  and promote the spot before it airs. This will allow us to target your specified audience.


Receipts of retail value are given for tax purposes to contributors 

A contractual agreement must be sign to allow Motorsports Marketing and Stryker Automotive to promote your company or brand. 

If you wish to sponsor an episode, please contact us and we will discuss pricing options. 

please contact us at sales@motorsportsmarketingllc.com

How does "the Wheel Of Misfortune" work ?

1) Every Monday Stryker Hot Rod Post a picture or video on https://www.facebook.com/strykerhotrod . It is headed "SHARE THIS PHOTO/VIDEO " to enter this Friday's " Wheel Of Misfortune" .

2) The photo/video is then shared through a multitude of social media locations all week. 

3) Friday morning at 11:00 am the contestants are tallied up and names are placed into a box. 

4) The wheel gets spun , the prize gets announced accompanied be  a funny product placement.

5) The winners name is drawn from the box.

6) The winner is notified through Social Media that they have until Monday to claim there prize. They must be over 18, provide there shipping address as well as sign a waver.  


The Wheel Of Misfortune

A low budget, fun and interactive way for companies to promote there company , brand or products .